What is Domestic Abuse?

“Domestic abuse is persistent and controlling behaviour by a partner or ex-partner which causes physical, sexual and/or emotional harm. It often gets worse over time. In most cases, it is experienced by women and children and is perpetrated by men”

Scottish Women’s Aid



Domestic Abuse.......Emotional, Physical, Sexual and Financial


The behaviour involved includes: -

Physical Abuse: Hitting, punching, nipping, throwing or smashing things, making threats to hurt someone.



Sexual Abuse: Making someone do sexual things that they don’t want to do e.g. rape, forcing someone to watch or engage in pornography/prostitution.



Emotional Abuse: Continually putting a person down, continually checking up on someone from working or going to college, and stopping someone from seeing family and friends.



Financial Abuse: not allowing you to get a job, taking control of money and withholding money.




Who is affected?

Any women can be affected by domestic abuse, regardless of age, class, race or religion.


What are the effects?

The effects of domestic abuse can be long lasting and traumatic. Women may feel frightened and vulnerable. They may suffer from poor physical and mental health; suffer from depression, low self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness.


Abuse is a violation of your human rights. You don’t deserve what has happened to you. You are entitled to live your life free from abuse.

It is not your fault.

No woman or child should have to live with domestic abuse.  Please remember it is not your fault and we can help.

If you can contact us safely, please get in touch with East Dunbartonshire Women’s Aid on


0141 776 0864