Getting Started with Fundraising

  1. Choose a Fundraising Idea: Whether it’s a charity run, a bake sale, a virtual event, or a community workshop, choose a fundraising idea that aligns with your passion and resources.

  2. Create Your Fundraising Page: Use our Just Giving platform (here) to set up your fundraising page. Customize it with your story, photos, and goals to inspire others to support your cause.

  3. Spread the Word: Share your fundraising page with friends, family, colleagues, and social media networks. Your passion will inspire others to contribute and join the cause.

  4. Engage Your Network: Host events, challenges, or workshops that engage your community in meaningful ways. Encourage them to join you in supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

Join Us in Creating Lasting Change

Be the Change: Fundraising for Women’s Aid

Why Fundraise for Women’s Aid?

– The police recorded 64,807 incidents of domestic abuse in 2021-22.
– Where the victim’s gender was known, the clear majority of victims in 2021-22 (83%) were female. 
– In 2021-22, just under nine-in-ten (89%) domestic abuse incidents occurred in their homes.

By fundraising for Women’s Aid, you contribute to breaking the cycle of violence. Your support aids in providing safe housing, theraputic support, advocacy, group work programs, and empowerment for those seeking a way out.

How Your Fundraising Makes an Impact

  • Empowering Survivors – Your fundraising efforts directly empower survivors to reclaim their lives.

  • Refuge – Your Fundraising will support the costs to run safe housing for Women & Children who have fled from abuse.
  • Raising Awareness – Every pound you raise amplifies the voice against domestic abuse. By raising awareness within your community, you play a vital role in educating others about the signs, prevention, and support available.

  • Preventing Future Abuse: Through your support, you contribute to initiatives that work towards preventing domestic abuse.

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